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Why Choose Kells Live Video Classroom?

Save time for administrative staff through fully digitalised learning activities, e.g. online exam and homework, self access to daily study report etc.

Simplify the process for academic staff to upload, store, display and distribute courseware in a central cloud library.

Intelligent study report provides a comprehensive insight of class performance, as well as individual student's study progress.

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Support the safe storage, display and auto-distribution of courseware such as dynatmic PPT, Word, PDF, MP3 and MP4 etc.

Courseware Cloud Library

Engage Students with Interactive Classroom

Empower the online live classroom with rich interactive tools, e.g. students can write on the whiteboard and the teacher can edit the work and reward students.

Online Homework and Evaluation

Assign and correct homework online, and take online exams. Teachers are aware of the students’ learning objectives and regularly communicate their progress.

Focus on Educational Innovation

Qualified and Experienced European Teachers

Our passionate team of teachers will guide you through your English learning journey.

Our native-level and qualified teachers have been trained in top universities all over the world and provide first-class online teaching.

Comprehensive Study Report after Each Class

Classroom report powered by Al Tech automatically generated after each class to provide a clear insight of each student’s performance. Analysis of their concentration, interactivity, emotion, movement etc.

GoMappED was founded in Dublin, Ireland in 2017, and provides excellent online English courses by highly qualified teachers as well its own live classroom: Kells Live Video Classroom, an innovative virtual platform


GoMappED received funding from Enterprise Ireland. We are also a contributing member of Learnovate, the leading EdTech research centre in Ireland.

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About Us

Our teachers receive regular quality training and are up-to-date with the latest technological advances in e-learning to provide the highest standard of teaching.

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