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Joan McDermott

Director of Teaching

Live in Dublin, the capital of Ireland. More than seven years of teaching IELTS, General English and Academic English to Chinese students. Have the qualification of cambridge CELTA english teacher. Once served as the head of the foreign teacher team of Shandong University of Technology, leading an international teacher team. At the same time, he also teaches IELTS and academic English to international students at Griffith College in Dublin, Ireland. He has a modern language degree from Trinity College Dublin, a leading Irish university, and a master's degree in educational leadership from Roehampton University in London.


At GoMappED, we use the English success system to teach all our language courses. This is a unique teaching method for Chinese students, which was developed by teacher Joan during the seven years of IELTS teaching in China. Usually foreign teachers want their Chinese students to think in a western way, but they have never been taught how to do this. The process of learning Chinese after teaching allowed Mr. Joan to deeply understand the differences between Chinese and Western expressions, thus finding a way to help Chinese students learn English effectively, and gradually forming a successful English teaching system. 


Joan teachers receive honors in the field of English teaching and social activities:

  1. special Award for Outstanding Papers at the 7th Foreign Language Teaching Symposium (together with George Benson)
  2. outstanding Foreign Teacher Award
  3. shandong Friendship Ambassador
  4. zibo Friendly Messenger


at the same time, teacher Joan is also an accomplished Irish traditional music singer who won the lifetime achievement award at the Tommy Makem Festival in 2009. She is the founder of some very influential bands in Ireland and has toured around Ireland, the UK, the US and Europe, having worked with Bob Dylan famous Western musicians have performed together at large music festivals.