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George Benson


Currently living in dublin, the capital of ireland, with a master's degree, he has been a senior executive in Young & Rubicam, a famous advertising consulting firm in new york, and holds the qualification of a TEFL english teacher. He has taught in Chinese universities for 10 years, especially in Shandong University of Technology, teaching undergraduate and postgraduate English courses, especially good at business English courses. Because of his special contribution to cultural exchanges, he was awarded the "Zibo Friendship Envoy". I like China very much. I cook delicious Chinese food and mutton skewers. In the young people's class, because of the wide range of knowledge and humorous classroom atmosphere, especially the analysis and explanation of Shakespeare's works in the compulsory course of Irish secondary schools, students can clearly understand the connotation of the works, guide students to appreciate excellent writing step by step, think about the author's writing intention, analyze the character of the characters, and are loved by students.