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English Writing Course

GoMappED has compiled courses and lesson plans that are relevant to Chinese students in the Irish education system. Our teachers are professional writing teachers with many years of teaching experience. Our course materials are aligned closely with Department of Education guidelines and recommendations.

For international students whose native language is not English, English writing can seem like a "big mountain" that is difficult to climb. GoMappED follows the syllabus of the Irish Department of Education.



Students are introduced to:

  • the differences between Chinese and English (this helps them to overcome difficulties in structuring their writing)
  • the different types of English writing they need to achieve success in their exams (how to answer questions on literature, creative writing, personal writing, letter writing etc.)
  • understand the purpose of writing, and the style of the article. relationship with readers.
  • paraphrasing (helps students prevent plagiarism)
  • critical thinking (teaches students how to become autonomous learners giving them the ability to achieve higher scores in their state exams)


Students will learn:

  • correct English word order
  • correct English sentence structure
  • correct paragraph and essay structure
  • use of tenses
  • idiomatic English
  • how to use a variety of vocabulary thereby making their writing more interesting
  • to be more direct in English than in Chinese (This is one of the biggest differences between English and Chinese and once students understand it, their writing in English becomes much better.)


Suitable for students: Children from the fifth grade of elementary (primary) school to the third year of high (secondary) school who want to cultivate such skills as:

  • grammatically accurate writing
  • natural idiomatic English
  • critical thinking