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Cambridge English Courses

At GoMappED, we provide courses from A1 to B2 level (elementary / primary & high / secondary school).

The Cambridge English curriculum system is currently the only standardized, internationally recognized English standard system that can start from zero to IELTS 9.0. The United Kingdom and its affiliates and member states of the European Union also accept the Cambridge English proficiency test certificate as one of the inspection bases for international students.


At GoMappED, we provide courses from A1 to B2 level (elementary / primary & high / secondary school). Students undertaking our Cambridge courses students:

  • achieve a solid foundation in English
  • improve and develop all four skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing)
  • learn correct grammar to give them the building blocks required to pass the examinations at all levels
  • develop accurate use of vocabulary
  • practice speaking and writing natural idiomatic English


Suitable for students: Primary and secondary school students who grew up in non-English-speaking countries and who have come to Ireland for the first time and who hope to have formal and graded English lessons that include grammar, vocabulary and natural idiomatic English.