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Shakespeare Literature Course

At GoMappED, we are committed to helping our students gain a more in-depth and comprehensive knowledge of Shakespeare the man, the times he lived in and last, but not least, an understanding and love for the amazing plays he wrote.

Shakespeare's works are required reading in both the Junior Cycle (junior high school) and the Senior Cycle (high school) and without doubt the most difficult part of the English course for both native and non-native speakers of English. Without the guidance of professional teachers, it would be impossible for students to begin to understand, appreciate or grasp its beauty and profoundness.


At the end of the Junior Cycle, students will sit their first Irish state exam the Junior Certificate.  

  • Students are required to study one of Shakespeare's works:
      • A Midsummer Night's Dream
      • As You Like It
      • Much Ado About Nothing
      • Julius Caesar
      • Romeo and Juliet

At the end of the Senior Cycle, students will sit their second Irish state exam (college entrance exam) the Leaving Certificate.

  • Students are required to study one of the following plays by Shakespeare:
      • Hamlet
      • King Lear
      • Macbeth
      • The Tempest


At GoMappED, we are committed to helping our students gain a more in-depth and comprehensive knowledge of Shakespeare the man, the times he lived in and last, but not least, an understanding and love for the amazing plays he wrote.  


Shakespeare is the most influential writer in the English language. Not only did he write wonderful poetry and plays he also created new words and phrases in English that we still use today. For example: cruel to be kind; the clothes maketh the man; jealousy is the green-eyed monster. Knowing Shakespeare will help students understand any Western literature or poetry after Shakespeare's time. The knowledge and skills learned from this class will benefit students’ entire high school and even college studies!


Suitable Students: Middle and high school students who wish to understand Shakespeare's works from various perspectives such as European history, society, humanities and literature.