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Irish & European History Course

Students will master important historical vocabulary, the ability to identify and critically analyze historical events, and stimulate students' interest in further exploring European social culture and political systems.

This series of courses can help students build a complete knowledge and understanding of Irish and European history from the origin of ancient European civilization, the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, and on up to modern society.


In Irish schools, history is divided into two sections:

  • Irish history that explores major historical events in Ireland on a national level – including some English history as both countries are so closely connected historically
  • European history explores the religious, political, artistic and other changes that took place in Europe through the centuries.


Students will master important historical vocabulary, the ability to identify and critically analyze historical events, and stimulate students' interest in further exploring European social culture and political systems.


Suitable students: Junior high school students who are studying history for Junior Certificate exam and who wish to learn more about the culture and society they currently live in.